Dr. Navarro's office provides a full range of dental services. She specializes in restorative dentistry, and brings in other specialists to her office as needed. So you, as the patient, only need to go to one place, relax, and let the service providers come to you.

Among the services that Dr. Navarro provides herself are composite fillings, inlays/onlays, laminated veneers, posts, and many different types of crowns (from nickel-chrome crowns to zirconia, gold or porcelain crowns). Dr. Navarro can also provide partial or full mouth prosthetics (cost depends on the number of teeth being replaced).

Other specialists will be brought in under Dr. Navarro's supervision to perform root canals, gum treatments, orthodontics and implants.

In-office X-rays are included in the price, and if a panoramic X-ray is needed, that will be performed at a nearby office. A cleaning includes a consultation.

Dr. Navarro, like most dentists in Mexico, does not provide nitrous oxide for dental treatments, but can provide a prescription for anti-anxiety medication to be taken before your appointment. Of course, topical pain relief and novicaine are used to make sure that you can undergo your dental treatment without pain.

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